Blog Sneak Peak

Blog Sneak Peak

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Thursday the 2nd of August 2018

I am in Paris France! Will probably be here for awhile. If you are here let me know as maybe we can get together.

Wednesday the 20th of June 2018

At lobby hotel waiting for my client come to pick me up Just come back from BKK running to my booking in Pattaya now. Thank you.

Thursday the 31st of May 2018

I am back to Pattaya for my booking now If anyone like to meet please contact me soon!!!

Monday the 21st of May 2018

I just come back from Singapore today afternoon that running to VIP booking on 5pm. Very excited to meet client in Thailand sometime. Normally I travel to Denmark Germany this time just have brake for holiday in Asia and back to Thailand very happy from my booking also. Thank you

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